Seal Force

Seal Force (iOS) 1.0

Protect the ocean with highly trained seals

Seal Force is a distance-based and path-drawing arcade game. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Excellent visuals


  • Slightly difficult learning curve
  • Difficult before upgrades

Very good

Seal Force is a distance-based and path-drawing arcade game.

The combination of the two gameplay mechanics creates a strange, but polished hybrid game. Initially, players will learn about how the three different seals affect the different colored krill.

Players guide the swimming path of the seals toward the krill, matching the colors to defeat them. The krill also have different power levels so it might be necessary to attack them multiple times.

The game also contains retrievable power-ups like mounted missiles and energy cannons that the seals use to defeat swarms of krill. Seal Force also includes puzzle mechanics by varying the different waves of krill. Players have to carefully guide the seals to defeat the maximum number of krill.

Seal Force also offers collectable shells, which can be used as currency for upgrades for the seals. At the start of the game, it is slightly difficult to accurately guide the seals since they have limited lengths that they can swim. But with upgrades, Seal Force seals are able to swim farther distances traced by players. The upgrades also have different levels, so it is smart to choose wisely.

Seal Force is a great family game that challenges both reflexes and strategy. The cartoon style graphics are excellent and the game runs smoothly. The only noticeable issue is that the learning curve is a little steep and players may get frustrated in the beginning.

Seal Force is perfect for kids who love a challenge.

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Seal Force


Seal Force (iOS) 1.0

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